• Campers are required to deliver upon arrival, for each person, identity documents and review the Rules of Procedure
• The offices of the reception are open to the public from 08.00 to 12.00 and from 16.00 to 20.00 It offers a free service cash deposit. The schedule is as follows cash from 08.00 to 12.00 and from 16.00 to 20.00
• It is the faculty of the direction to take into account the preference of the customer on the type of bungalow or campsite, but not to guarantee. The management reserves the right to change this preference, subject to availability, without notice. We guarantee the delivery of housing units by 14.00 in low and mid season and from 17.00 in high season. The balance budgeted for the stay must, in any event, be paid within 24 hours of arrival at Green Camping. In case of late arrival, without notice, the booking will remain valid until 12.00 the next day.

During the stay

• Campers who were absent during the stay for a day or more, will continue to pay as if they were present.
• Visitors are only allowed if authorized by management. The attention of Sigg. Customers who visit friends or relatives is permitted only after the delivery of an identity document and is limited to one hour. After this deadline will be charged at the rate regulation.
• Are not permitted motorcycles or other motor vehicles. It is forbidden to circulate in the camp with motor vehicles from 24.00 to 08.00 and from 14.00 to 16.00. Motor vehicles within the facility must proceed to a crawl, limited to the operations of loading and unloading. For cyclists it is recommended to keep a moderate speed for their and others’ safety.
• The time of silence is as follows: from 14.00 to 16.00 and from 24.00 to 08.00. During this time the gates will be closed, and prohibited the movement of any vehicle, assembling and / or disassembling tents, caravans and prohibits the movement of any other actions that disturb the peace.
• The direction of the Green Camping does not exercise any supervision of the activities for the guests of the holiday park. The custody of children, in particular, it is assumed exclusively by parents or other caretakers, also solely responsible towards third parties, lifting from any responsibility of the management. These people will work because children do not cause damage, do not place themselves at risk in the park during the holidays and usufruct of the playground. In the pool area must observe the special regulations. The ball game is prohibited between the curtains, on the streets and in the pool.
• Access to the dogs will be governed by the management. Accepted only small ones also within our rental housing units (mandatory final cleaning fee of € 50,00). Dogs allowed must be kept on a leash and accompanied to their needs outside the campsite, otherwise, their owners have an obligation to remove the droppings of their animals
• All waste must be differentiated in bags tightly closed and depositatii in the containers located in the ecological entrance of the camp.
• Sinks, wash basins and sinks should be used according to the appropriate indications. Likewise, the toilets must be used correctly. Any damage resulting from the improper use of the same will be borne by the guest.
• Please note that the chemical toilets must be emptied only in special drains are located in different blocks of services.
• The guests we are required to maintain and leave the pit in order and clean as well as delivered.
• On the beds of housing units is necessary the use of the sheets. Those who were naive can rent them at the offices of reception.
• For safety reasons, it is forbidden to smoke in the units.
• Each camper is required to keep the things he owned. The Management is not liable for any damage, loss or theft of personal property of Oapiti. Also not liable for damage caused by weather disasters.
• For justified complaints and disruption Guests must contact the Directorate, which is always available.

At the start

• The guests are required to settle the account within 24 hours of arrival at the cash office opening hours from 08.00 to 12.00.
• The departure must be before 10.00 am, otherwise will be charged for the entire day, that is the daily rate for the pitch and for the people, regardless of time of arrival.
• The units must be returned in the morning the day of departure by 10.00 am duly clean and tidy. Otherwise will be charged for the costs of cleaning (€ 30,00); any breakages or failures result in the loss of the deposit of € 100,00 for mobile homes and € 50,00 for caravans paid for on arrival. Allowed only small dogs, mandatory final cleaning costs € 50.00.
• The period booked, even if not used up all for late arrival or early departure, it must be paid.